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The King Of Figthers '99 (Remix Pro 2.00 Final FCHT Hack Team)

Hacker:FightChina Hackteam.
1. Increases the Boss head picture.
2. Boss all movements with DREAMCAST home use machine edition.
3. Improves the Boss help to protect the attack, does not have the
A.Krizalid original
B.Shin Krizalid DREAMCAST effect
4. The home use machine pattern removes two side credits demonstration also infinite, street machine pattern retention.
5. The street machine pattern time demonstrated transfers to Numbe
8. The increase has not changed body KRIZALID to fall to the groun
d sets out and calls the movement which the help protects.
9. SHIN KRIZALID striking power adjustment with DC.
10. Improves under Boss to squat the attack performance.
11. In eight gods huts increase MAX to be new ultra must kill 300 to a
scend six types lang wolf China.
12. The entire merit increases MAX to be new ultra must kill the entire ?crack fingernail flying apsaras foot.
13. Grass Beijing increases 400 two to ascend seven types to melt the iron with 180 to ascend two types.
14. Repair blood trough Ryo, the Kusanagi picture sits the position.
15. Ultra must kill the flash with KOF2003.
16. Repairs the 1.07a edition stochastically to choose the Kusanag
i dying machine question, has jumped KYO2.
17. Repairs BOSS SHIN KRIZALID the big cursor in the practice patt
ern and the survival pattern demonstration question.
18. Ultra revises Kim to have to kill airborne phoenix foot 246+b/d to leave a move of movement to be wrong.
19. Ultra revises xiangfei to have to kill 624624+a/c/ac a move of painted screen to be wrong.

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